Tips for Choosing the Right Juice Blender

A blender is one of the essential pieces of equipments that are widely used in the kitchen. You can use it to blend up different things including ice creams, raw soups, occasional margarita, sauces and nut butters. Blenders have very few components as compared to juices. They are therefore easy to clean and maintain. They range from moderately priced machines to expensive high-speed machines.

Before purchasing one, do your homework: read customers reviews, research and compare the available devices. This will help you in finding a righteous beast that serves all your needs. The following are the important things that you need to consider before selecting a blender:

  • The number of people that you are blending for
  • Your budget
  • The available space
  • The power required

Most of the modern blenders comes with improved features and accessories such as good blades, warranty ad workforce motors. Low priced blenders extracted juiceare ideal for basic needs. High–speed machines are ideal for producing and extracting and producing more nutrients from pulp/fiber. You can also use them to blend trickier ingredients such as nuts and dates. Outlined here below are the main types of blender that you should consider:

The Fancy Blenders

These machines are easy to use since they do not have many components or parts. Some of the recommended fancy pants blenders include the Blendetec, Oster versa, and Vitamix. The later is very easy to use and it has a feature that enables the user to vary speed. Also, it comes with a plastic tamper that is helpful in loosening the ingredients which get stuck in its corners. However, this machine is about expensive. Its average price ranges from 350-600 USD.

The Blendtec is slightly lighter and short as compared to Vitamix (It can be stored easily in the kitchen cabinets). It is perfect for handling thick fluids. Additionally, this machine is designed with pre-programmed settings which make the work easier for you. Oster Versa is another lender which is known for its impressive performance. It is one of the high–speed machines. Its average cost is 300 USD.

The Mini Blenders

These are the most popular blenders. They are easy to use and affordable. They come with different pitcher blades and sizes. Examples of mini blenders are Vitamix S30, NutriBullet ad the Magic Bullet. Vitamix S30 comes with a mini tamper and two small containers that make it perfect for blending smoothes very fast.

The Still-Darn-Good Blenders

These are premium machines which are quite expensive. They are ideal for making tasty smoothies. They include Kitchen Aid, Waring, Cuisinart, Breville, and Omega blenders. They are solid machines but they are not very powerful. Their average prices range from 100 USD to 400USD.